Ask a Mechanic: Should I drive on my tire if there’s a nail stuck in it?

Q. I drove over a nail and now it’s stuck in my tire. My tire hasn’t gone flat yet. Is it okay to drive on it to get it fixed?

A. Don’t touch that nail. If it’s gone deep enough, the nail is actually plugging the hole it created. If you pull it out, you might make matters worse. You can drive to a service station to get it fixed, but don’t rush. You could risk a blowout. Every time the tire rotates it’s rubbing against the walls of the hole making it just a bit bigger.

Even if there’s no obvious leak now, the longer you drive with the nail in your tire, the worse it can get. Your safest bet is to change the tire. But in a pinch, you can drive a short distance to get it taken care of.

If it’s a small enough hole, the tire can probably be repaired instead of having to be replaced. Plugging tires is a cheap and quick fix. But if enough damage has been done, a new tire (or two, or even four) is the painful and expensive outcome.
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Here is a short video on what to do if you get a flat tire.

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